Sun.Star Cebu Weekend - 7 Jun 2020

Table of content - Sun.Star Cebu Weekend (7 Jun 2020)

Homegrown band releases second album
Let these young entrepreneurs inspire you
22 Tango and its crowdfunding initiative
Facebook groups for business opportunities
A list of where you can get essential goods
Enye hosts a dinner to remember
Products that readers recently discovered
Realizations on one’s quarantine birthday
Beth Alojipan
Have you heard about the latest food trend? A giant sushi roll made even larger? Occupational therapist Janine Dy bakes a casserole of mouthwatering mayo and seafood mixture with rice and nori and tops it with delicious Japanese seasoning. While having fu
Way before everyone was required to stay at home, Cebooze has been offering alcohol delivered right to one’s doorstep because with Cebooze, the party comes to you. This is perfect for our current situation since we can’t go out yet to have drinks with fri
Curator and community crusader Fiona Jade Lim shares her love for Kombucha by offering them to the public since April of this year. In Fiona’s own words, kombucha is a fermented drink made from sweetened tea and a specific culture known as a Scoby (symbio
Ena ,Justin and Aira Velasco
Eddie Jamin
Shopping in the Time of Corona
Lorraine Hann, 19
Kiddo Canovas, 37
Local Gems
Adriann Alipar, 25
The ECQ has been challenging for everyone yet very meaningful for the family. I get to spend less on restaurants, which I usually do on normal days. Family has been more united with food choices, too. Our favorite local business discovery during the ECQ i
I saw a lot of posts online selling sushi bake, but mostly based in Manila. Good thing I discovered one from Cebu, @lanisushibake on Instagram, and didn't hesitate to try it. The taste is just so good that you will want more after you finish your first or
My favorite is We Market. It’s a Facebook page where small business owners are gathered to sell their products, mostly food. I love how easy it is to jump from one food shop to another. Everything posted there is what I’ve been craving this quarantine, so
Essentials on Speed Dial
La Ultima Cena
Quarantine Birthdays and Self-Love Rituals
22 Tango initiates Amuma:

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